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International Select

International Select (IS) provides concentrated exposure to tactical “best ideas” in international equity, retaining global flexibility in effort to minimize volatility and protect capital in changing market conditions.

Objective: The strategy seeks to outperform over a full market cycle by pursuing international sources of momentum on the basis of style, sector, region and volatility. 

Primary asset class: International equity

Tactical ranges:

  • Equity: 0% – 100%
    • Developed international: 0% – 100%
    • Emerging markets: 0% -100%
    • Core global & global sectors: 0% -50%

Target allocation: 100% international equity

Portfolio construction ideas:

  • Rules-based macro-overlay to complement existing strategic fund allocations in global or ex-US portfolio
  • Core ex-US component of global equity portfolio in combination with strategic US holdings

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