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WST Capital Management Honored With Lipper Fund Award

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WST Capital Management Named Top Guns Manager

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Our objective is to positively reshape investor experience through risk management.

Capital markets continuously change in complex and challenging ways; we tackle these challenges through active quant.

Key Issue

The market is hard to beat or even meet unless an investor is prepared to buy and hold though market fluctuations. Most investors aren’t.

Our Belief

Upside participation is important but downside mitigation is likelier to help investors stay the course.

Our Solution

Dynamic allocation frameworks that “think” flexibly, calibrating risk-asset exposure based on market momentum trends.

Our Edge

A differentiated blend of top-down portfolio management inputs and bottom-up machine learning, leveraging the structural strengths of ETFs and the precision of strategic beta.

We balance desire for growth with a commitment to “all-weather” risk management through an approach that draws on active, passive, and factor investing traditions. Our strategies express our perspective through portfolio design but execute through a rules-based framework that rests on powerful proprietary investment science.

The Bridge Between Protection and Growth® Through Risk-Managed Strategies

By reshaping investors’ experience of volatility, our strategies offer a framework for staying in the markets and on the path to meeting long-term investment goals.

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